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Dexso Gas (500ml)


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With DEXSO D.M.E. you pull out a lot more, in less time and work much more securely! Dexso D.M.E. is pure dimethyl ether at 99.99%. This product is an organic gas as well as a high quality, absolutely harmless solvent that leaves no traces or toxic impurities.

New gas to increase resin extraction by 20%

Dexso is the new 99.9% organic gas based on dimethylether. Dimethyleter is a non-toxic gas and absolutely organic. The upper structure of the dimethylether molecule allows the extraction of a wider spectrum of lipophilic compounds than the butane. This results in a much higher yield and superior quality of extract, preserving the natural flavor of the plant.

This "degreaser" gas is much less flammable than butane and therefore safer during the resin extraction process.

High efficiency
Dexso D.M.E. is the final extractive solvent. Thanks to its greater solvent strength, it removes all liposoluble compounds, such as terpenes, almost instantly. That means with Dexso. D.M.E. you will need less solvent to produce a better extract.

Faster processing
The evaporation point of Dexso D.M.E. is much lower than that of butane. It means that Dexso D.M.E. evaporates much faster, shortening the cleaning process for hours. You can use the time saved to produce much more oil!

We recommend the use of BHO extractors in iron or glass and not in plastic.


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Dexso Gas (500ml)

Dexso Gas (500ml)