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  • Canuma Hemp Regular Size
  • Elements Regular Size

    You are buying Elements short cigarette papers 100er made from rice!

    These short cigarette papers are made only from rice in a very environment-friendly process of production.
    The ultra thin papers come in the practical double-feed pack.

    Also, the papers burn very slowly and smoothly.

    Measurements: 70mm x 32mm

    One booklet contains 100 papers.
    One box contains 25 booklets.

    The shown price applied per box.

  • Gizeh Black Extra Fini...

    Original Gizeh Extra Fine Magnet cigarette papers!

    1 box contains 20 booklets!
    Every booklet contains 100 leaves!

  • Gizeh Black Fini...

    Original Gizeh Fine Magnet cigarette papers!

    1 box contains 20 booklets!
    Every booklet contains 100 leaves!

  • OCB Blue Regular Size

    OCB Cartonne Express Gomme No. 4 

    -Measures: 69x36mm
    -Doublefeed package: 100 leaves per booklet
    -25 booklets per box
    -made in France
    -elastic closure
    -adhesive seal for freshness

  • OCB Black Regular Size

    Original OCB black No. 4

    Every booklet contains 100 leaves 
    Every box contains 25 booklets

  • Pure Hemp Regular Size

    Original Pure Hemp Single Wide Papers!

    Hemp rolling papers from Spain.
    Single Wide format (regular): 70x37mm
    50 booklets per box, 50 leaves per booklet

  • Rizla Red Regular Size

    You are buying original RIZLA Red 100er regular cigarette papers!

    RIZLA Red papers are medium thin and are therefore located in between thick and thin cigarette papers.
    The papers burn very evenly and a little more slowly than normal cigarette papers.

    Measurements: 70x36mm

    Produced in the EU

    One booklet contains 50 papers.
    One box contains 100 booklets.

  • Rizla Green Regular Size

    Original RIZLA GREEN Regular Cigarette paper!

    One whole box contains 100 booklets.
    One booklet contains 50 leaves.


    -Cut corners
    -Medium weight
    -Made in the EU

  • Smoking Brown Regular...

    Original Smoking Brown No. 8 Cigarette Rolling Paper!

    One box contains 50 booklets
    One booklet contains 60 leaves

    Measures: 70x37mm
    Grammage: 13g/m2
    Burns slowly
    Unbleached, chlorine free
    Smoking Watermark

  • Raw Classic unbleached...

    Original RAW Single Wide short cigarette papers!

    These RAW Classic short cigarette papers are unbleached and therefore free of chlorine and other chemical substances.

    - produced with wind power
    - free of chlorine
    - Criss-Cross water mark for slow end even burning
    - made in Spain
    - tree-free
    - packaging made from recycled paper

    One booklet contains 50 papers.
    One box contains 50 booklets.

  • Zig Zag Regular Size...

    Original Zig-Zag Green Regular Papers.

    - made from flax/ arabic natural gum
    - measurements/ leaf: 68 mm x 36 mm
    - medium degree of fineness
    - cut corners
    - 1 booklet contains 50 leaves
    - 1 box contains 100 booklets.
    - weight/ box: 440 gr.

  • Red elements regular...
  • Gizeh Black Original...
  • Raw Organic Single...
  • Smoking Arroz Regular...
  • Smoking Organic...
  • Smoking Red Regular Size
  • Smoking White Classic...
  • OCB Ultimate Regular Size
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Showing 1 - 28 of 28 items