terms and conditions Our General Rules store information Article information Price of items Commands of the Articles Payment method Shipping terms Inaccuracies Site 1. Our General Rules The conditions are on the website http://www.lolshp.ch/it The service is for people who have registered on the site LoLSHOP The person who has regitrata is obliged to read the Terms and Conditions 2. Information of the store LoLSHOP SAGL Headquarters: 6600 Muralto Match I.v.a: CHE-392247231 3. Article information The information relating to products subject to distance selling via the Site are available (this means that no items that do not arrive at our office but are provided and shipped from our foreign suppliers), and will be reported in order to be easily recognized. 4. Price of items The prices of the items are already with taxes included. All prices are in Swiss Francs or if you want you can put into euro. 5. Command of the Articles The registered person after he has read the general conditions can choose the payment method. You can do before it commands a verification of purchased products and in case if something is missing you can put the item that was missing in order. After accepting the order, the purchaser may in case send us an e-mail to make the change of the trolley. In case of delay will be our pleasure to inform the customer of a delay. 6. Payment Method LoLSHOP Sagl accepts payments made with the following methods: Payment: Wire transfer. Payment: paypal / visa / mastercard 8. Shipping Terms Items purchased on this site are delivered to the customer has provided us. The delivery costs are charged to the registered customer. LoLSHOP Sagl will update the order states on the site. 9. Inaccuracies Site Unfortunately the website can give you errors, we are working for you to avoid more errors in the site. If you want to contact the Team LoLSHOP SAGL just go in the section that you will find on the site