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    Mango flavor
    Vaporizers parts for Shisha Eletronica are available in many different flavors .
    Each vaporizer lasts up to 1500 puffs !
    The vaporizers are recyclable .
    Available flavors : melon , grapes , banana , strawberry , Tutti-Frutti , chocolate , orange, Cola , Orange and Apple
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    E-Shisha Electronic Shisha / Hookah wholesale The first portable electronic Shisha. The electronic shisha can be connected to any traditional Shisha, simple and without modification, for a smoking without all the harmful elements of tobacco. The electronic shisha produces a vapor that gives the user a smoking experience almost the same as good or even Meglia of traditional Shisha. Electronic Shisha is small, portable and easy to use. Since the E-Shisha operates without smoke or harmful substances such as tobacco, it is fully compatible with the prohibition of smoking, so that can be used in bars and restaurants or in any public area. The E-Shisha is easy to use, just load, place it on top of your hookah and smoking as usual. Not tornarete at a acendere again and again, with charcoal tablets, which makes it easy to use and affordable, especially in the Shisha bar busy. Each vaporizer is equipped with a flavor and lasts 1500 puffs! The E-Shisha is available in many different flavors and nicotine levels of variables, including flavors can be ordered taste with zero nicotine. The kit contains Shisha Electronics: -1 -2 Rechargeable E-Shisha Vaporizers (flavors) - 1 x Apple, 1x Tutti Frutti (mixed fruit) -1 -1 Charger USB cable for charging. -1 Manual for multilingual use. -1 Gift Box.