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  • Incense Nag Champa...

    Nag Champa is a fragrance of India. It has a high concentration of sandalwood. And 'more frequently in the form of incense sticks. Nag Champa is useful in meditative and spiritual occasions.
    Product details:
    Bouquet: Nag Champa
    It contains: 12x15g 

  • Incense Trisha 12x15g

    Aroma: Trishaa
    Info: 12x 15g

  • Incense Nag Champa...

    Aroma: Nag Champa
    Info: 12x40g

  • Incense Nag Champa...


    The incense of 'Happy Hari' are very special: Made in small villages in India, they are lovingly hand-rolled and are not part of the mass market in India.

    Due to their high quality and purity they are also often used in ceremonies, meditations, festivals and yoga practices.

    The classic blue Nag Champa have a distinctive flavor and among the most popular incense worldwide. The Incense Nag Champa Gold 'are mixed with fine gold dust and envelop the characteristic scent of Nag Champa with a gentle sweet note. Made this incense are in traditional style Halmaddi from purely natural ingredients. Halmaddi is the secret of wealth from real Nag Champa Incense, thus smell 'Nag Champa Gold' as gentle as they are wrapped in gold dust.

    Manufacturing technique:
    Masala Method - The main fragrances (plant parts, wood powders, essential oils, etc.) are incorporated by hand in a dough-like, sticky mass (base), which is then rolled onto the wooden stick. The formulation of the ingredients of the base is a guarded secret of the manufacturer, since it is crucial for the flavor.

  • Incense Satya Fantasy...
  • Incense Satya Emotions...

    Aroma: 'Emotions'
    Info: 12x15g

  • Incense King of Sandal...

    Aroma: Sandalwood
    Note: Burning time 3-4 hours.

  • Incense King of Amber 10g

    Aroma: Amber
    Note: burning time 3-4 h

  • Incense Emporer Amber 10g

    Aroma: Amber
    Note: Burning time 3-4 hours.

  • Incense King of...

    Aroma: Frankincense
    Note: Burning time 3-4 hours.

  • Nagchampa Gold Incense...
  • Incense Nag Champa...
  • Incense Meditation (15g)
  • Incense Satya Mantram...
  • Satya Natural Incense...
  • Incense Satya Wicca...
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