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  • Rolls LoL

    LOL Rolls thin

    cigarette paper with natural rubber on a roll of 5 meters.
    Slim-size: 44mm x 5m
    Made in EU
    Documents with watermark LOL

    1 box contains 24 rolls

  • Rolls OCB

    Original OCB Mini Rolls!

    OCB Mini Rolls Premium are made with a glued surface from natural arabic gum.

    Size: 1 roll = 4m x 36 mm

    1 box contains 24 OCB Mini Rolls!

  • Rolls Gizeh

    Original Gizeh Extra Fine Rolls Slim!

    Gizeh Extra Fine Rolls also known as "Endlesspapers" are 5 meters in length. They can be cut short or long at any spot.
    Due to its extra thin texture it burns very slow and even.

    - length: 5 meter
    - classic Slim
    - made from cellulose
    - extra fine: 14g/m2
    - slow burning
    - natural glue line from gum arabic

    One box contains 10 Rolls.

  • Rolls OCV Green

    Original OCB Rolls slim Premium!

    Measures: 45x4600mm

    1 box contains 24 rolls.

  • Rolls Rips Brown

    Original RIPS Regular Hemp Rolls high-quality cigarette paper with beautiful oriental style!

    Cut the paper at any desired spot to roll cigarettes of any length.

    - made from hemp
    - gum line made from gum arabic
    - measure: 37 mm x 7 m
    - weight: 15,5 g/m2

    1 box contains 24 rolls.

  • Rolls Smoking deluxe

    Original Smoking Deluxe Rolls!

    - 44mm x 4m (Slim)
    - glue from 100% natural arabic gum
    - FSC-certified
    - 1 box contains 24 rolls

  • Rolls Smoking Master

    Each roll has a length of 4 meters.

    Measures: 4000x37mm (extra slim)
    grammage: 13g/m2
    made from flax
    1 box contains 24 rolls.

  • Rolls Smoking Brown

    1 Roll has a length of 4 meters
    1 Box contains 24 rolls
    Measures: 4000x44mm (slim-format)
    Grammage: 13g/m2
    Slow and consistent burning

  • Rolls Raw Classic

    Original RAW Rolls!
    Every roll has a lenght of 3 meters.
    52mm wide
    Unbleached Paper.
    12 rolls per box

  • Rolls Raw Organic

    RAW ORGANIC Rolls made from organically grown hemp.
    Unbleached and eco-friendly processed.

    - chlorine free
    - vegan
    - length: 5 meters
    - weight per box: 210 gr.

    One box contains 24 rolls.

    The displayed price applies to one box.

  • Rolls Parchment Raw

    Material: Parchment, one side coated with silicone
    Size: 300x10.000mm
    Other: Unbleached
    Info: PU 6 rolls

    'RAW' Parchment Paper Rolls 300mm with cutter has a silicone coating on one side and is not toxic when incinerated - great for baking or working with and packing sticky substances!

    'RAW' parchment paper DOES NOT contain quilon, a chemical which contains chrome and is the cheaper way to seal the surface of backing paper. With quilon coated parchment paper is harmful to the environment when incinerated!

    'RAW' non-stick Parchment Papers - with this silicone coating both practical and environmentally friendly!

    Windmill powered product
    No genetically modified organisms
    Gluten free
    Vegan friendly product.

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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items