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  • Juicy Flavoured Medium...

    Juicy Jay's fruity 1 1/4 Fine Medium Size Papers!

    Juicy Jay's 1 ¼ Fine Papers are 7,6 cm in length and therefore a perfect intermediate between King Size Papers and Regulars.
    Every single paper is printed with funny and colourful characters!

    Choose from these 7 delicious flavours. Please send us your choice after buying (only closed, whole boxes). Otherwise we will send a mixed combination. Price per box.

    Black Berrylicious 
    Blueberry Hill 
    Sticky Candy 
    White Grape 
    Vanilla Ice 
    Wham Bam Watermelon 

  • Smoking Deluxe Medium...

    Original Smoking Deluxe 1 1/4 Medium Size Papers

    1 box contains 25 booklets, 1 booklet contains 50 leaves.
    Grammage 13g/sqm
    78x44 mm

  • Elements with Magnet...

    Original Elements 1 1/4 Medium cigarette papers!

    - made from rice
    - ultra thin
    - measures: 78mm x 44mm
    - burns very even with no ash
    - natural sugar gum line
    - with Elements CrissCross watermark
    - solid booklet with magnetic closure

    1 booklets contains 50 papers.
    1 box contains 25 booklets.

  • Smoking Kukuxumusu...

    Original Smoking Kukuxumusu 1 ¼ Medium Papers!

    New Collection, as you see in the picture!

    One box contains 50 booklets with different themes.
    One booklet holds 50 papers.
    78mm x 44mm

  • Smoking Brown 1 1/4

    Original Smoking Brown 1 1/4 medium-size cigarette paper!

    1 1/4 - paper size between King Size and Regular (short papers), also known as medium-sized.
    All materials come from FSC certified forests. The documents are unbleached and free of chloride. Smoking Brown 1 1/4 are super thin and burn very slowly and smoothly.

    The facts:

    - 78x 44 mm
    - 1 pack contains 50 maps
    - FSC Certificate
    - Rough, without chloride

    1 box contains 25 sachets

  • Cartine Greengo
  • Raw + Filter...

    RAW Connoisseur 1 1/4 medium size papers + filter tips included!

    Each booklet contains papers in the medium size of 1 1/4 as well as filter tips.

    The brand RAW stands for an environment-friendly production.
    All products are unbleached and free from any chemicals.
    The papers are made from pure hemp, the tips are made from food safe cardboard.

    no genetically modified organisms
    produced with windmill power

    One booklet contains 32 papers
    One box contains 24 booklets

  • Raw Medium Unbleached...

    Original RAW Classic 1 1/4 Medium cigarette papers!

    Medium cigarette papers are also known as 1 1/4 Size and lay between King Size and Regulars (short papers).


    - Measure: 78x 44mm
    - ultra thin papers
    - 32 papers per booklet
    - burn slowly
    - FSC-certified
    - unbleached, chlorid free
    - Weight: 13g/m2

    One box contains 24 booklets.

  • Raw Organic Medium...

    RAW ORGANIC hemp papers. 1 1/4 medium size.
    Made from organically grown hemp, very thin, extra slow burning.
    - unbleached/ total chlorine free
    - vegan
    - eco-friendly production

    1 booklet contains 50 papers
    1 box contains 24 booklets.

  • Raw Artesano + Medium...
  • Smoking Organic Medium...
  • Smoking Master Medium...
  • Raw 300's Classic...
  • Red Elements with...
  • Bob Marley Medium size...
  • Urban Wraps Medium Size
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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items