Vaporizer Vaporite Platinum 3 in 1


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Black Colour
Length: 165 mm
Diameter: 14mm
Oil: yes
System: Closed
Power: Built-in battery 900mA / h lithium, USB connector (5V)
Accessories: USB connector, herbal room with ceramic filter,
Oil / resin room, multi-wick clearomizer,
3 ceramic sieves, pusher, brush
Note: Manual in DE, EN
Warranty: 2 years warranty
The Platinum 'Vaporite' '' 3in1 Combo vaporizer has a herbal room, resins and oil chamber and an e-liquid chamber.
Herb Room: To load the Keramiksiebs provided is the article on which the mouthpiece is attached, unscrewed. The ceramic sieve is placed on the heating coil to avoid the herbs burn. Then the grass chamber can be filled with loose material. Optionally, the spiral located in the central part of the grass tower can be updated in order to avoid that the herbs are crushed. In mouthpiece there is also a ceramic filter washable for a clean flavor.
Resin and oil chamber: the resin cap and oil borosilicate glass with the ceramic cup is screwed on 'Vaporite' and removes the mouthpiece. To fill this the tool provided can be used.
E-Liquid Room: To use the 'Vaporite' 'Platinum' as an e-cigarette, you take the so-called multi-Wick Cearomizer. To fill the chamber with a scale of 0.2 ml - 1.6ml the mouthpiece is removed. When filling with steam E-liquid has to be kept at a 45 degree angle. The great thing about this Clearomizer is the possibility of control. You can always see if enough liquid is present and thus prevent the accidental combustion, which occurs when too little fluid in the chamber.
Unlike the cigarette does not burn tobacco or other plants. The liquid to be evaporated is called liqid, in which the steam to forward sensory feeling of smoking.
When using the 'Vaporite' vaporizers is important to note that the flavor can develop properly slowly and gently inhale. The integrated battery is screwed into the USB connector and can be connected to the USB port on your computer or with a USB power adapter. The first charge should be for 6 hours, then the charging time is 2 hours on average. Automatic deactivation occurs after 15 seconds without using the device. With CE mark.


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Vaporizer Vaporite Platinum 3 in 1

Vaporizer Vaporite Platinum 3 in 1